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‘Scandal’ SPOILERS: Tony Goldwyn, Jeff Perry, Guillermo Diaz, Bellamy Young, Darby Stanchfield Preview Season 3, Quinn Torture, Abby Flashbacks, Mellie As President?

By A | May 25, 2013 04:28 PM EDT

Kerry Washington

"Scandal" Season 2 ended in a shocker with the reveal of Rowan as Olivia's father, as well as the resolution of the Defiance and mole situations. But the cast of the hit ABC drama says even bigger things are in store for Season 3 in an article on E! Online. Read More »

‘Scandal’ Recap ‘White Hat’s Back On’: Season 2 Finale Twists, Surprises Its Way To Shocking Ending Reveal

By A | May 17, 2013 10:57 AM EDT

Kerry Washington

"Scandal" concluded its second season Thursday night with a roller coaster ride of an episode than ended with an unexpected twist. If there's one thing Shonda Rhimes knows how to do, it's pack an absurd amount of drama and action into a one-hour episode. The Season 2 finale of "Scandal" was no different. Read More »

‘Scandal’ SPOILERS [VIDEO]: Kerry Washington, Cast Tease Season 2 Finale, Last Five Minutes ‘Will Blow Your Mind’

By A | May 16, 2013 02:22 PM EDT

Kerry Washington

"Scandal" will air its Season 2 finale Thursday night but the cast of the show spoke to E! Online and offered some previews of the episode entitled "White Hat's Back On." Read More »

‘Scandal’ Recap ‘Any Questions?’: Mole And Accomplice Revealed, Fitz Threatens To Leave Presidency, Cyrus Goes Crazy

By A | May 10, 2013 10:41 AM EDT


"Scandal" aired the second-to-last episode of its second season Thursday night and kept things moving at a breakneck pace toward the finale. The mole was revealed, the Fitz and Olivia relationship became even more complicated and there were plenty of twists and turns throughout the night. Read More »

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